I'm so tired when will this end..

Le Cordon Bleu is a no go, I suppose.
Barusan ngomong casually ke Babeh kalo gue ke Jepang sekalian mau lihat sekolah masak, dan dia malah nyuruh gue kuliah perhotelan lagi?? Like wtf, 4 more yrs??
Dia nyuruh gue kuliah lagi aja ke UPH, lah orang diploma perhotelan aja 4 tahun kok.
Terakhir katanya les aja...

So I guess, that's a no...?

(._.  )

Now I'm terrified as fuck.

What am I gonna do next??

And I just made a fool of myself in front of the whole office,
I just yelled at my boss in whatsapp group.
It's midnight, everybody's resting, and she ranted on whatsapp group out of the blue.
I ain't having it, not today.
I mean, I'm saying what everyone's thinking, loud and clear.
But apparently nobody's backing me up.
Understandable, gotta save your own ass, right?

And suddenly I never felt more alone.
I hate everyone.
I hate everyone.
I hate myself.
So fuckin immature.

And suddenly everything's not making sense.
I'm not making sense.
This Japan trip's not making sense.
I should've waited.
I should've thought this through.

Fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck.


  1. Anonymous7.10.16

    Eat some chocolate, babe.


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