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crushed and mashed, like potato.

A friend of mine, just came back from... the island across the sea, and has to go back there (again) on Monday. We arranged to meet up, supposedly, tonight, 'cause I already got a plan for the day. Well, I was excited for both of the plans. I had a nice dinner - met a lot of good friends - let's put it this way... I had a real good time. So I apologized to my friend 'cause I have to leave early, and found myself in the back seat of a taxi a couple of minutes later. Still excited. Still got one left thing that I'm looking forward to before the day ends. I miss him, and oh hell, he has Season 4 of Big Bang Theory!
So here I am. Feeling a bit... crushed. Haha. Change of plan, he'll come tomorrow.
It's okay really, 'cause he apologized and gave me the reasons a bit later. It's just... Things like this, happened to me way too many times. Broken promises, rain checks, being stood up, and you tell me.
Is it wrong for being excited? Is it wrong to say it's okay when actually…

2011 bitches!!!

Hello 2011! Time to catch up! So yeah, the holiday's over it's my final semester it means my final project is on the table. I'm going to make an illustrated book of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. Haven't decided which stories I'm going to pick though, maybe his stories like The Red Shoes and The Match Girl, written circa 1845... yeaa we'll see about that.
Jadi, liburan kemarin cukup menyenangkan :) Melihat bagian lain dari dunia, melakukan hal-hal yang gw gak pernah lakukan sebelumnya, seperti menggunakan slr (fokus kemana-mana sih, tapi hasil foto semakin membaik menuju akhir liburan loh), tidur di shared dorm and mingling with foreigners, minum wine cooler, makan belalang dan larva goreng, observasi dan untuk pertama kalinya - ke gay bar, dan oh... terrible sunburn.
Sunburn tolol, hanya karena duduk bersila terlalu lama di atas ferry menuju ke dan kembali dari Koh Phi Phi tanpa sun block karena gak ada uang haha. Sunburn nya nanggung banget, cuma bagian paha dan b…


"Hi, boleh kenalan?"
Pertanyaan itu bisa menghasilkan dua jawaban kan? Boleh, atau nggak boleh.
Kalau bilang nggak boleh... marah gak ya?
Haha, kalau dipikir-pikir, ngapain pusing.
Gak kenal ini! ;)

My Mirror Speaks - Death Cab For Cutie

with every sun that sets I am feeling more like a stranger on a foreign shore with an eroding beach disappearing from underneath
and when my mirror speaks, it never minces words because these eyes don't shine half as bright as they used to do and they haven't for quite a while
because I'm a man who hides from all that binds and a mess of fading lines and there's a tangled thread inside my head with nothing on either end
I always fall in love with an open door with a horizon on an endless sea as I look around the ones who were standing in front of me
and then my mirror speaks with irreverence like a soldier I can't command it sees a child in the body of a full-grown man
and he's a man who hides from all that binds and a mess of fading lines and there's a tangled thread inside his head