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Dancer In The Dark

This isn’t the last song.There is no violin.The chorus is so quiet.And no-one takes a spin.This is the next-to-last song.And that’s all, all.

Akhirnya gw nonton juga. Ketemu loh dvd nya di Mangga Dua. Hebat!!!
Gak pernah loh, nonton sampai-sampai rasanya emosi gw diperesss sampai dada gw sesaknya minta ampun. Capek. Terus gw migrain.
This movie is... A!


"Contohnya apa yang terlintas di kepala kamu?"
"Uhm... Misalnya, Bagaimana kalau Si Tudung Merah yang makan Serigala, bukan Serigala yang makan Si Tudung Merah... ?"
Suerrr, gw merasa seperti ada beberapa detik seakan-akan gw sedang ada di film yang di pause. Hening. Canggung.
Dan gw berani jamin gw lihat dia mengerutkan dahi.
Catatan untuk diri sendiri : What's in your head stays in your head. Terutama yang bodoh-bodoh macam itu. Nggak untuk diucapkan saat interview yah!!!


Hello. It's been a while since my last post.
I've been sending my intership resumes to some companies, and rejected. It's tiring, really. They said they don't need an intern. OH COME ON, YOU'RE HELPING THIS COUNTRY BY GIVING CHANCES TO STUDENTS WHO WANT AND NEED TO LEARN... THINGS. No wonder why this country's lacking of great human resources. *rolling eyes*
The good news are : A good friend of mine just got back from USA. My birthday was my best birthday ever. I'm legal now. I can be a porn star or whatever I want to be. I got a lot of Hitchcock's dvds and they're oh so cheap. I just finished a season of Modern Family, the new tv show, or mockumentary . It's so funny! (I'm still waiting for True Blood's new episodes though) I'm saving up! I might go to Bangkok this Xmas with some friends. Yay!
Still, love life is... safe and sound. lol.
Anyway, I uploaded some videos to my youtube account. It's "babagunting" Just some videos with me and m…