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Burton's kind of christmas pt.2

Stick Boy noticed that his Christmas tree looked healthier than he did.

Burton's kind of christmas pt.1

The Boy with Nails in his eyes put up his aluminum tree. It looked pretty strange because he couldn't really see.


Who's excited for xmas?! I am!
Yea yea you may thought I'm an atheist, I don't have a religion but I do believe in God. I just don't believe in all those rules, what to do and don't, what's wrong or right, those stuffs.
And yes, xmas is a merry holiday in the end of the year, Bells, xmas trees, presents, carols, reindeer and so on... what's not to like?!
Anyway, I'm (also) excited yet so nervous about my vacation! A little trip with a tight budget but what the hell, I'm going with my new haircut and my best friends - though some of'em couldn't come along :(
Hopefully my camera will cooperate. Hopefully the money is enough for 20days. Hopefully my english will be improved. Hopefully this hopefully that hopefully hopefully hopefully Hopefully, everything's gonna be -wait for it- GREAT! Phew, as always, worry too much.
My resolution for next year? Uhm, none. Since words and promises are made to be broken. Haha. Just be a better person, more certain about…

Lantai 4

All good things come to an end. Thank you lantai 4. Thank you. :)
till we meet again!!

uh oh, last day of my internship.

I'm gonna miss everyone!


Music is my remedy, while this year is such a tragedy. Boo! Here some music that I really enjoy through out this year.

UA - KABA * モンスター *Day Dreaming *Paper Bag *Hyperballad You should check her other albums. Bad ass!!!

Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM *Heaven Can Wait *Me And Jane Doe *Trick Pony *Greenwich Mean Time It's like hearing a ghost sing, only the ghost is having a collaboration with Beck.

Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday *Dear Old Nicki *Your Love *Last Chance (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) Wear a wig and you're ready to shoot!!!

M.I.A - MAYA *Stepping Out *Born Free *Teqkilla *Internet Connection Beat someone with your macbook - joke.

Robyn - Body Talk *Fembot *Dancing On My Own *Love Kills Guling-guling-telanjang-di-atas-cat-warna-pastel-terus-joged.

Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You *Do Wah Doo *Kiss That Grrrl *Early Christmas Present Ramble time!

Janelle Monae - The Archandroid *Tightrope (feat. Bigboi) *Coldwar *Locked Inside *Wondaland *Make The Bus (feat. Of Montreal) "Cause baby wethe…